Microscopically small – with enormous potential

Microalgae are true power packs. They are impressive because of their ability to make effective use of energy utilising the elements water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer as well as trace elements and natural sunlight. Their productivity is remarkable. Microalgae are in a class of its own - in the truest sense of the phrase.

Within the shortest time they can produce valuable biomass, which is later used in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and energy industry. Microalgae are the starting material of many important substances including top-quality protein, carbohydrates and Omega-3 fatty acids.


It is surprising that the small creatures can be cultivated in such a modest way. Barren soil becomes a green haven. Whether in open ponds or closed containers - algae farming is both adaptable and simple. 

Fascinating all-rounder: Microalgae

The versatility of microalgae is impressive. They are already used in way more products than one would expect. Many valuable resources, nutritional supplements, medications as well as sustainable energy products can be produced from, or rather on the basis of, algae. Algae constitute true enrichment for human health. 

For example, many are generating Omega-3 fatty acids, which are of vital importance for the human body. As such, the fast growing microalgae convince with their ability to replace natural fish food. 

The green vitality pack is not only offered in form of tablets or powder. Whether hearty or sweet, algae are already an integral part of numerous products such as tzatziki, liquorice all sorts, flan, lemonades and pasta.

The red pigment Astaxanthin - the world’s most powerful antioxidant - can also be extracted from microalgae. Used in creams or encapsulated, they improve the overall well-being and help to prevent premature skin ageing.

For all those reasons, it is not surprising that microalgae are extremely interesting organisms for commercial as well as industrial use.