GBEX - Your reliable market place for microalgae biomass

The GBEX platform is a digital marketplace for microalgae biomass. Thanks to its innovative concept GBEX closes the gap by linking biomass producers and users. The online portal brings together supply and demand and makes it possible for you to offer or purchase the qualities and quantities defined in accordance with your requirements and demand.


GBEX standardisations for biomass are developed and defined in line with market requirements. GBEX distributes a large assortment of algae biomass by concentrating diverse certified suppliers and thus sales markets are developed in a variety of industries such as the food, animal feed and pharmaceutical industries.


Expertise when it comes to registration, valuation and marketing of biomass makes GBEX a reliable trading partner and supplier of raw materials at both national and international levels. 

Easy buying and selling

Sales and purchases of biomass made simple

Conveniently dispatch your nonbinding enquiry or offer by using the online form.


Detailed product information

You will receive complete information on algae species, quality, quantity as well as production information as detailed as possible.


Assurance through standardisation

Uniform standards and quality certifications guarantee constant quality and thus ensure a consistent level of quality even in the case of several suppliers.

All GBEX suppliers have been tested and accordingly certified. We monitor the production processes of our suppliers and optimise them in terms of quality and reproducibility with the help of our specialists.


Minimise investment risks

Simple access to a steadily growing biomass marketplace minimises your investment risks. As a result your supplier network is substantially expanded. Project investments can be planned on a solid basis.

It's as easy as that

  1.  Send the online contact form
  2.  Receive confirmation e-mail
  3. Contact initiated by the GBEX team  

Benefits of GBEX

Quality Management: Only quality-tested biomass


Flexible Purchases: Offer and purchase biomass in accordance with your requirements and production capacities


Availability: Just-in-time production thanks to digital platforms


Logistics: Optional booking of logistics partners


GBEX Service: Expert support from the GBEX team for any problems or questions


Prospect: Fully-automated transaction processing that begins with production control based on requirements and ends with digital completion of business transactions