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Press Release

Teverga/London/Berlin February 01.2018

GBEX – Global Biomass Exchange (, the digital marketplace for microalgae biomass based in Germany, has partnered with AAA Accelerator Group UK Limited ( Algatek uses the technology of the AAA Accelerator Group to produce two algae strains for commercial purposes in the Algatek`s 6th Generation of photo-bioreactors in Teverga/Asturias/Spain. The high grade/ quality Algae biomass will be used for the Human/Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics sectors.


About Algatek, S.L.

AAA Accelerator Group UK, Ltd, Hatfield UK, and its biotech subsidiary Algatek Asturias, S.L.; Teverga Asturias Spain, based in Asturias, Spain, have developed a proprietary algae photobioreactor technology that accelerates growth and boosts yield efficiency. The closed system is able to monitor and manipulate a wide range of cultivation parameters, and then replicate those conditions at commercial volume in full compliance with food and pharmaceutical production and safety standards.


About GBEX (Global Biomass Exchange)

The GBEX platform is a digital marketplace for microalgae biomass. Thanks to its innovative concept, GBEX closes the gap by linking biomass producers and users. In a marketplace setting, supply and demand are brought together, which allows for an exchange of microalgae biomass in specified qualities and quantities, that match industry requirements. GBEX standardisations for biomass are developed and defined in full compliance with specific market requirements. GBEX distributes a large assortment of algae biomass by concentrating diverse certified suppliers. Sales markets are developed for a variety of industries such as food, cosmetics, animal feed and pharmaceutical industries. When it comes to expertise in registration, valuation and marketing of biomass GBEX is a reliable trading partner and supplier of microalgae biomass at both national and international levels.