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Chlorella sorokiniana

About the algae:

The green alga Chlorella sorokiniana is directly related to the more commonly known microalgae species Chlorealla vulgaris. Like these, C. sorokiniana also occurs in a variety of freshwater habitats. They grow fast, have a high protein content and are characterized by their robustness (especially against heat). As a result, C. sorokiniana has a great potential to achieve high biomass yields under difficult cultivation conditions. Besides the use of C. sorokiniana in wastewater treatment and soil remediation plans, this species is gaining more and more importance in the food industry. Recent studies suggest human health benefits, for example against lung cancer.


About the product:

Chlorella sorokiniana is by far not as established in the food industry as C. vulgaris. Nevertheless, some products containing C. sorokiniana such as powders, tablets or noodles are already on the market. Like their close relatives, C. sorokiniana has a highly beneficial nutrition profile, a high protein content and antioxidants in the form of carotenoids. Thus, this algae shows great potential as a future food product or as a raw material supplier in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.



  • High protein content
  • Vitamin A and lutein
  • Balanced nutrition profile



  • Represents a high quality functional food
  • Supports the human immune system
  • Has health promoting properties